Eclipse Attack

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A blockchain network level attack where the attacker takes control of a single node therefor interrupting that node's view of the blockchain or using that node's influence to spread misinformation to other nodes. An eclipse attack can also lead to a delay in a nodes action and missing or degrade results.



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The act of securing information or data to prevent unauthorized access by converting it into a secure code. A digital cipher, typically in the form of a keyword, is required t to unlock the message. In a trustless system, the process of encryption and deciphering a message is automated.



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In short, equity means the amount of value something has above the liability that comes with its ownership. Put in different context, the connotation of equity varies. Equity in the form owning a security means an investor's ownership interest in a company. In margin trading, equity is the difference between the value of an asset and the amount borrowed from the broker for partial ownership.