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A candlestick is a visual indicator of an asset's recent price activity in the shape of a vertical bar. Candlesticks illustrate an asset's price value from the beginning to the end of a specified window of time (1 min to 1 month). If the candle is red than the top is the initial price, and the bottom is the ending price indicating a loss during that time frame. A green candle means the opposite in which there was an increase in value. A wick is a line that extends from the bottom and top of the candles representing the low-high range of a trading pair within the predetermined time frame.


Casper Protocol

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Proof of stake protocol in which malicious actors who attempt a “nothing at stake” are punished. Once a validator is caught trying to deceive the network, their stake gets slashed costing the malicious actor the currency they placed as their stake.



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The single unit of an independent cryptocurrency that is used to exchange value much like the word dollar is used in the United States to describe a single unit of currency. Often the terms “coin” and “token” are viewed as synonyms. However, there is a difference: a coin refers to a single unit of a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which functions to transfer value using its mainnet whereas a token is a programmable application created on top of a cryptocurrency's mainnet. Ethereum's mainnet allows for the creation of tokens using its ERC-20 standard.