Bollinger Bands

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A margin around the price of an asset that helps indicate its volatility. Bollinger bands use two bands, one above and the other below the moving average. These two bands represent the standard deviation of an asset's price from the moving average during a specified timescale. The standard deviation represents how far from the moving average of each data point. In trading, this equates to volatility: the larger the distance between bands the more significant the volatility.


Boot Sector Virus

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The boot sector virus made its debut during the floppy disk era and continues to infect computers by entering its boot sector through removable mediums such as flash drives. Also, email attachments are used for viral entry. Boot sector viruses are especially dangerous as they are activated once the infected computer is turned on. Since this virus encrypts the boot sector they very difficult to remove.



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Bounty models brought to the cryptocurrency community reward individuals or a group for specific work such as language translation, referrals, or reporting errors to a project's developers.