Sign up to trade on the Mandala Exchange

Mandala isn't just a cryptocurrency exchange, it's what you want in an exchange! Register for a free account, start trading and share your referral link today!

Sign up to trade on the Mandala Exchange

Mandala isn't just a cryptocurrency exchange, it's what you want in an exchange! Register for an account and start trading today!

Our Mission

Raising the standard of expectation across the industry, is about delivering a world class experience with an exceptionally powerful trading engine, active platform development and a customizable interface. We are tackling issues that span the industry and our team is dedicated to you, the user base. Mandala is balancing participation in the blockchain space and accelerating mass adoption.


Tutorials & Resources

Empowering users and enhancing their experience through tools & resources designed to remove the barriers of entry!


Social Integration

Community driven interactions, knowledge and experience. Social integration where you can share strategies and grow followings.


Automation & Simplicity

Enhancing strategies through simplicity and algorithmic trading bots. Automation at your finger tips.


User Support

Building lasting customer relationships by prioritizing user support. No user is forgotten.

Mandala is delivering a best-in-class cryptocurrency and trading platform built for everyone.


With an adaptive and proactive team, Mandala will transform the user experience with a powerful trading engine, reduced fees and a forward thinking approach.


Level 2 Trading

For seasoned day traders and institutions alike, experience a full stack trade desk.


Trade Signaling

A semi-automatic signaling system enables users to select from preset technical indicators and backtest their reliability against the chart history of a specified cryptocurrency or digital asset.



Designed for both desktop and mobile devices, take Mandala on the go, access accounts, support, tools and resources. Crypto is 24/7, so is Mandala.


Automatic Trade Assistant

The Mandala Automatic Trade Assistant compiles individualized data focused on maximizing potential by limiting automated competition.


Mandala Risk Strategy System

Risk management and capital preservation are keys to success in this industry and Mandala’s Risk Strategy System will be advantageous to traders and investors alike.


Conventional Tools

Access the robust tools you are accustomed to, including order books, depth charts and time and sales, in addition to using the enhanced Mandala tool suite.


Portfolio View

Compiling information for personal records and tax obligations made as simple as a few mouse clicks. Specify a period time, currency, a single asset or an entire account.


User Support

The Mandala User Support System will include live chat where available, support ticketing system and dedicated support lines to streamline services and ensure users are promptly taken care of.



The Mandala Exchange user interface is designed for customization, allowing traders and investors to individualize the platform to their needs.

Customer focused and powered by an extremely robust trading engine, Mandala is capable of processing up to 10 million transactions per second and latency falling below 100 nanoseconds. Our mission to bring opportunity to the masses and tearing down the barriers of entry is just beginning.

Digital assets broaden the investment and trading industry and fostering the adoption of blockchain technologies starts with meeting the requirements of global securities laws. Mandala embraces it’s responsibility as an industry leader, working within regulatory frameworks and leading the evolution of the digital asset trading industry.

Trading bots, risk management, portfolio analytics and more are delivered through a customizable interface designed to empower users and enhance their experience. By reducing learning curves, novices and professionals alike can participate in one of the fastest growing technology spaces of modern times.

Experience the next generation of digital asset exchange, signup and start trading on the Mandala Platform today!